Gluten free sorghum

The New Standard in Healthy Living

Wondergrain is an ancient and healthy Old World Grain named Sorghum that has been a principal source of energy for millions. It’s gluten free, cholesterol free, Non-GMO, all natural, Kosher and is a good source of fiber and iron; it also has 5g of protein per serving! However, only now is it getting the recognition it deserves worldwide for its health and nutritional benefits. It is neutral in flavor and can be paired with your favorite foods and spices. The grain does not get soggy in soups and dishes.

From a delectable Spanish Paella or Indian Biryani, a hearty lentil soup, amazing salads or simply as a side dish such as Wondergrain and beans, the possibilities are endless because it is so versatile. Your creativity will have no boundaries.

Wondergrain is the food of the future from our past. It's delicious and good for you. Pitimi, Jowar, Kaoliang and Milo are a few names for Sorghum around the world.

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